It Wont Start

The Truth About Staying Connected to God

Early last week I was in Colorado for a Doctor’s visit, and I spent some time visiting my family. My mom’s car was having difficulty starting, so she asked me to take it into the shop for her. She explained that her battery was probably bad, but since she had replaced it recently, it didn’t really make sense to me. Upon arriving, a kind, young man from the shop explained how everything with the battery checked out OK. After further examination, however, he discovered the slightest little problem with the connection. The battery was good, the engine was good, the tires were good, in fact, the entire car was in great shape overall. But due to a tiny disconnect, the entire vehicle was a sitting duck. Because of the smallest, little problem the entire machine was a useless scrap of metal. Without power it served no purpose. This is the church. It doesn’t matter how great our leaders are, how proven our methods seem, how simple our structures appear, how persuading our messages might be, how flashy our website looks, or how amazing our worship band plays. If we are disconnected from the power source, we are useless. So what’s our power source? “For in Him we live, and move, and have our being.” Acts 17:28 Our true vitality and effectiveness as a church is solely contingent upon or continued connection with Jesus Christ. If we lose touch with Him, we’ve lost touch with everything. A full gas tank of spiritual zeal means nothing with the bad connection of devotional negligence. We must fight as a church, and as individuals, to maintain a vibrant, intimate, life-giving, relationship with Jesus Christ at all times if we hope to keep our engines running and our vehicle moving. It's this simple: if we disconnect from God, we won't start.

Rob Bray