Lessons From Pruning

Learning to Trust The Master Gardener

John 15:2-6

"Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit is taken away; and every branch that bears fruit is pruned so that it may bear more fruit."

I remember one of my Jewish friends telling me about a tree farmer in Jerusalem who was known for having significantly greater yields than the farmers around him. My friend told me the trick was all in the pruning. He explained to me that this farmer was an expert at knowing exactly when to prune, how much to prune, and where to prune. If the farmer cut too much off of a branch, it would die and shrivel. If he cut too little, the pruning did nothing and the branch would not grow stronger. If the farmer cut the wrong branch, it could direct the tree to grow in a disfigured fashion. And if he didn't cut precisely at the right time, the tree would not be able to endure the next season. All this to say, that a good gardener must be a good pruner, and to be a good pruner, you have to know what you are doing.

My friends, Jesus is an amazing gardener because He really knows what He's doing with your life. All the times you feel things are being stripped away or things aren’t going your way, you must believe that God is pruning you and preparing you to produce an even greater harvest. As our church plant continues to grow, it is a healthy reminder to think that God has not forsaken us in times of pruning, but instead is actively involved in growing us stronger and healthier. You can take Jesus’ words to the bank; “every branch that bears fruit is pruned.” So if you are experiencing a pruning season in your life right now, be encouraged because (1) it means you have already displayed enough fruit for God to take notice and desire more, (2) it means that God is about to do something amazing in the next season of growth, and (3) you will not be thrown away into the fire.

Hang in there. God is a master gardener and He knows what He’s doing…even when when it feels like you’ve lost a limb.

Haha get it? Limb? 

Too far?

Yep...too far.