Ready To Start

A Look Back Before Our Public Launch

We are less than a week away from our big Public Launch on Easter Sunday, and God has been doing some awesome things the last few weeks to prepare us and propel us as a church to reach our city with the good news of the gospel. I wanted to take some time to reflect on recent events as I believe these things will become defining moments in our story as a church. 

The G.O.S.P.E.L.

Over the last four weekends we have been unpacking what the Gospel means, and how to acknowledge it, articulate it, apply it, and advance it. God has really been moving in this series as we have seen several people give their life to Jesus Christ, 10 people get baptized, and over 20 people commit to share the gospel with their friends and family. One person that met Christ during this series was a young man named James. James responded to the gospel during our first night at the Holiday Inn and it was the real deal! He went on to give his testimony the following Sunday, proclaiming how God had changed his life and expressing his newfound commitment to God and His Word. Then the third week at church, He decided to get baptized as a declaration of his faith. He has a hunger for scripture, conviction to live pure, and passion to share his faith. This is what STARTchurch is all about! This is genuine life change.

Todd Becker


As if the baptisms and salvations we saw at the Holiday Inn were not enough, God decided to blow our minds even more as we saw over 60 people respond to the gospel at the Beatrice High School Outreach with the Todd Becker Foundation! The Todd Becker foundation only comes into town every five years and it happened to be right before our public launch as a church [sounds like God's providence to me]. Partnering with Todd Becker has been by far one of the best ministry decisions we have made as a church. It has been a catalyst to growth in our congregation, change in our community, and hope in our school. Many students, faculty, parents, and community members responded to the clear and simple gospel message presented by Kieth and his team. It was priceless for my volunteers to  have the opportunity to grow and serve as they stepped out in faith to have gospel conversations with students. Our partnership with the Todd Becker Foundation has become a highlight of our ministry and will remain a priority for the life of our church.

Church on Wheels

The momentum continued as the following Sunday was Church on Wheels Sunday. Church on Wheels is a company based out of California that helps mobile churches and church plants get the equipment they need to hold services in a professional and timely manner. I cannot overestimate the amount of help that C.O.W. was to us in preparing for launching this church and helping us think through every detail of our facility, welcoming experience, kids, sound etc. That Sunday was hard work for sure, but also exciting to see how many volunteers were willing to invest their time, talent, and treasure to reach this city with the good news of Jesus. We had over 60 people attend the service, which for us was huge! If this is how God prepares us for the launch, it is going to be exciting to see how He launches us and where he takes us after the launch!

Rob Bray