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5 Reasons Natural Marriage Is Best For Society

1. It's best for society's future.

Children are the natural byproduct of heterosexual relationships and necessary for furthering the human race. Natural marriage gives children a stable environment to grow, learn, and develop. Not only does this psychologically produce healthy adult humans but also thriving and productive citizens. Science and social studies have proven that the best environment for children to mature is a household in which those children have consistent nurturing and influence form both biological parents. It is also imperative that those circumstances are not subject to change, which reinforces the importance of the martial commitment. This is just one reason things like adultery, divorce, fornication, homosexuality, incest, and rape have historically been frowned upon in our society. In addition to hurting one’s own spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health, such things damage and destroy the next generation. Natural marriage provides a God-ordained, government-protected solution to child-raising in which both parents, male and female, are bound in life-long covenant and committed to protecting and nurturing the next generation. Put 100 homosexuals on an island and in 100 years their will be no civilization.

2. It's best for society's freedom.

By wrongly comparing the sexual revolution to the civil rights movement, the cultural conscience has been deceived through false comparison. The homosexual lifestyle is a choice; ethnicity is not. To compare the unfair treatment of blacks to the modern day treatment of homosexuals is unfair, hyperbolic, and logically inconsistent. Homosexuals have always enjoyed the same freedoms and rights as anyone else including riding the same buses, using the same bathrooms, buying the same groceries, voting in the same elections, attending the same concerts, etc. Even before the supreme court ruling, homosexuals were free to continue in their sexual practices and spend the rest of their life in a monogamous relationship with someone of the same gender. They even had the “right” to enter into the covenant of marriage with someone of the opposite gender if they wanted, which was the same right everyone else had. The ruling on gay-marriage did not give homosexuals “equal rights” but instead “special privileges.” Now, as a minority group, homosexuals can experience additional support, sanctions, condolences, approval, and benefits that other sexual minority groups (polygamists, pedophiles, quartets, incestuous couples etc.) can not. By re-defining marriage and making homosexuality equivalent to civil rights, anyone with opposing convictions is labeled a bigot and condemned of prejudice and discrimination. This undermines our society’s basic freedoms such as the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. It also undermines the democratic process as higher courts in the land continue to set agenda for the people instead of the other way around. In essence, America’s very foundation is threatened and jeopardized if natural marriage is not protected and fought for.

3. It's best for society's safety.

Historically, government restrictions on marriage included age (at least 18yrs. old), gender (male and female), family (not immediate or close relatives), and number (only one man and one woman). These restrictions were there to protect us from ourselves and to protect our children. The popular myth that re-defining marriage does not hurt anyone is simply not supported by the facts. Marital restrictions have kept society safe from gene pool decay, moral decline, sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted deceases, sexual abuse, violence, orphaned children, child abuse and more. Natural marriage promotes virtues that are consistent with our society’s best interests and keep us safe from the slippery-slope of sexual anarchy. Not to mention our largest foreign enemies, as ironic as it might sound, continue to despise us because of our moral decline on sexual issues. When the supreme court passed gay-marriage, ISIS threw two gay men off of the top of a building in order to send us a warning. Obviously, we can’t decide our legislation based off the threats from our enemies; however, it is unwise and unsafe to deliberately enrage opposing nations simply because we can’t control our sexual impulses.

4. It's best for society's systems.

So much of this debate centers around money and financial assistance for married couples. As Americans, we sadly have a love for money that runs deep in our veins and continues to lead us astray. Because natural marriage is a blessing to our society, society has tried to bless natural marriage in return. Benefits in taxes, insurance, home ownership, and more have acted as incentives for couples to get married and contribute to perpetuating and stabilizing society through the bearing and raising of children. Imagine the incomprehensible burned placed on the government if it were forced to provide those same benefits to every member of society due to “discrimination laws.” The more that qualifies as “marriage” the more that qualifies for government financial aid. It’s illogical to think that the government has unlimited resources and can provide benefits to everyone in America. That is a disaster waiting to happen. It should be common sense that those who contribute more to a society should be more supported by that society; otherwise, people will have no incentive to contribute and that society will eventually fail (look at the socialist and communist societies throughout history and our very own Jamestown). Let’s hope people don’t start asking for tax benefits for their dog simply because they're “in love.”

5. It's best for society's reputation.

Lastly and most importantly, natural marriage is best for society because it honors God and His natural order. The Bible is clear that sexual sins are more serious than other types of sin (1 Cor. 6:18) and that homosexual sin in particular is a distinct sign of a nation’s rebellion against God (Rom. 1). If our society is going to continue to receive God’s blessing and provision, we must fight for and protect natural marriage. It’s hard to sing “God Bless America,” while spitting in His face at the same time by our sexual practices. I pray God shows mercy on us and draws us to repentance so we can avoid His vengeful wrath, withstand His righteous judgement, receive His benevolent grace, and inherit eternal life.

Rob Bray