Gifts That Keep On Giving


Receiving The Everlasting Gifts Of God This Christmas

This Christmas season I have been thinking a lot about the eternal nature of God’s generosity. Have you ever stopped to think about how God’s goodness never runs out? It never runs dry. God never stops giving us hope, love, joy, and peace. I mean, even in the age to come God will continually give us more fulfillment, more purpose, more revelation, and more exhilaration. With God, it’s always more, never less (if our eyes are open to see it, and we are desiring the right things). He never ceases to amaze, and He is always willing to give more and more of Himself when we truly seek Him and ask for it. He is the ultimate gift. Let’s just put it this way: God is not stingy!

1) A life that keeps on giving

Many people don’t realize that heaven is not an endless cycle of boredom like they may think. Heaven is going to be all the good things that you love about this life multiplied, and all the bad things you hate about this life removed. A life that lasts forever means relationships and commitment that last forever. It means progress and innovation that lasts forever. It means business and enterprise that lasts forever. It means creativity and beauty that lasts forever. It means art and music that lasts forever. It means investments and inventions that last forever. It means sermons and conversations that last forever. It means books and articles that last forever. It means fun and play that last forever. It means risk and adventure that lasts forever. It means nature and animals that last forever. Unwrap the gift of true immortality this Christmas and receive a life that keeps on giving.

2) A wonder that keeps on giving

In addition to giving us a life that never runs out, God is willing and able to give us a wonder that never runs out. Because He is in infinite, God can continually give us more knowledge about the universe He has made, or even about Himself. Think about it. We will forever be amazed at God’s miraculous power and abilities. Things like creation, the resurrection, God’s providence throughout history, and the great destiny God has prepared for us will never lose their luster. In the holiday season, every marketing campaign is trying to sell us on a new gadget or gizmo that’s going to make our lives wonderful. Let’s not be so naive. Our lives are already wonderful! Unwrap the gift of true entertainment this Christmas and receive a wonder that keeps on giving. 

3) A pleasure the keeps on giving

One of the most compelling gifts God has given mankind is pleasure. The ability to enjoy people, things, or circumstances is a privilege given to us by the creator. The fact that we can even perceive that which is pleasurable and that which is not, should blow our minds. God doesn’t want you to experience the pleasures of food, romance, adrenaline, friendship, camaraderie, relaxation, or productivity for just one lifetime but for all time. He wants your pleasure in Him and His gifts to grown exponentially, multiplying itself over and over. Isn’t this why we give gifts on Christmas? To bring pleasure to the people we love? To see their face light up? Unwrap the gift of true enjoyment this Christmas and receive a pleasure that keeps on giving. 

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the gifts that keep on giving in Christ. Everything else in life can only bring us fleeting hope, love, joy, and peace. None of it lasts. Unless it’s a gift directly from God, we should expect the hype not to meet expectations. We should expect the fad to fade. To find true and lasting gifts we need to soberingly consider the everlasting gifts of God. I encourage you, as you give and receive gifts this Christmas, remember God’s gifts that keep on giving.

Rob Bray - Lead Pastor