The Word Of Our Testimony

5 Reasons To Share Our Story

1. It reveals the transforming power of God.

People are always looking for a glimpse of the divine. They ask for a miraculous sign to prove God’s existence and awareness. Look no further. In proper perspective, a Christian’s testimony is one of the greatest miracles the world will ever see. It is no small feat when God snatches a sinner from the flames of judgment by infusing supernatural grace, mercy, and love into the human soul. Real conversion shakes people; it wakes people. When one witnesses genuine gospel transformation, God becomes the only plausible explanation.

2. It creates a domino effect of vulnerability. 

Freed from the condemnation of the past, Christians are able to be honest with themselves and others. We boast in our weakness, knowing that Christ is present in our shortcomings and working to make us more like him. This level of authenticity causes a chain reaction of people opening up about their struggles. It’s in these places of difficulty, pain, and frustration that God often intervenes. This is our opportunity to point people to Christ, teaching them to cast all their cares upon Him

3. It encourages the saints to persevere and sinners to repent.

Our testimony shows both the kindness and severity of God. The kindness of God to those who believe and the severity of God to those who don’t. Life transformation centered on the cross demands a response. One can’t stay neutral in the face of that kind of simultaneous justice and mercy. Those who belong to The Lord are spurred on in their faith to continue fighting the good fight and those on the fence are challenged to choose a side and stop playing games with God. 

4. It reminds us of our dependence and our progress.

Telling our story has a way of bringing back memories of life before God. It has a way of transporting us back to those old thoughts, feelings, and patterns, a life of which we are now ashamed. This reality check cautions us to stay close to God and receive His grace afresh and anew. On the other hand, glancing in the review mirror draws our attention back to the road in front of us, and we realize we’re not the same person we used to be. God has truly changed us and continues to shape us into the image and likeness of Christ. When we share our story, we remember both how far we've come and how far we have to go.

5. It brings glory to God in a unique way.

God receives glory from all His creation at all times whether we realize it or not. In fact, He emanates glory. However, there is a peculiar glory that is revealed to mankind when lost souls awaken to God’s unconditional love in spite of their own complete wretchedness. When people receive this kind of love they become something totally new, giving honor where honor due and praise where praise is due. This inspirational and contagious worship becomes a catalyst to exponential glory. May we all be inspired to share our story more and realize all that hangs in the balance if we don’t. We can not keep silent in light of the glorious riches revealed to us in Jesus Christ.