The Harvest

Helpful Lessons To Prepare For God's Harvest

I thought it would be helpful to let you know how the harvest has been progressing so far this year. About a month ago as the harvest came near, I started to plan and prepare. There were many things that needed to be done ahead of time so that  they didn't interfere with the work. I readied the combines, fueled the trucks, cleaned the bins, and fed the livestock. I also planned the logistics concerning the grain, mostly where to store it and where to take it. A lot of work was done before the combines even hit the fields in order that everything would go smoothly. Now that we are actually in the fields, nothing is going as planned! First, the corn head on the combine got run into the ground. Then, another combine tipped over into a ditch (which, I'll let you know, I had nothing to do with). To make matters worse, my combine had the "I don't want to work" fever. Even now, the livestock continues to cause us problems, the weather is not cooperating, and time is slipping away. Here's the bright side: the  yields are great this year! How am I reacting to all of this? Well, I yell at the combines, I yell at the livestock, and I yell at the weather. It definitely doesn't help matters. I must learn to adapt and overcome in all situations. One thing I do know is this: if I do not keep moving forward, the harvest will not be brought in. In the start of this church, we will have difficulties and setbacks. There will be times where nothing seems to go as planned. But we have a different kind of harvest to bring in, and the harvest is ripe! There are plenty of hurting people out there that desperately need Jesus. No matter how much we plan, we will face problems in our efforts to reach them. Let's adapt and overcome by God's grace and see people's lives changed by the power the gospel. We must focus on the harvest and not on the frustrating situations that arise. Remember, without reapers God's harvest will never be brought in. "In the world you will have trouble. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

Dan Singleton