What's our OUTREACH strategy?

Our outreach strategy is based around effective ministry partnerships. When someone is excellent in their ministry field, it is biblical to partner with them to increase potential ministry impact. (Acts 18:24-28) The ministries below connect us with best of the best in local and regional ministry, allowing us to impact the kingdom in larger ways as we seek continued investment and involvement

Team Mates, founded by Tom Osborne, provides support and encouragement to students in need by meeting with a caring adult once a week for authentic and life-changing mentorship. For more info click here.
Teen Challenge provides an environment for transformation of troubled and addicted teens and adults, changing the heart, mind, soul and body, helping participants to find true freedom in Jesus Chrit. For more info click here.
Todd Becker travels throughout the midwest hosting assemblies at public high schools unfolding the tragic choices of Todd Becker, training students to make wise choice and respond to the gospel. For more info click here.
I've Got A Name is committed to eradicating sexual exploitation and sex trafficking in Nebraska through awareness and action. We offer prayer and hope for the broken and to all that are impacted. For more info click here.